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Post Partum


Find out how moms can combat postpartum hair loss with one bottle of hair oil…

3 months after giving birth to my beautiful boy, I started losing clumps of hair. Literally! Not only did Hairga bring my hairline back to life – they made moms like me feel seen. (Bonus points for the mild lavender scent too)!
Crislyn P., Long Time Hairga Customer

Hairga’s Postpartum Hair Oil supports hair growth in the safest, most gentle way. It’s infused with a natural blend of antioxidants, vitamins, protein, & anti-inflammatory properties that combat hormonal hair loss & provide benefits for a healthier scalp!



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Safely Protect Hair From The Postpartum Hormonal Storm

Hairga is the #1 postpartum hair oil in the market that’s especially formulated for moms! It’s the simplest, most effective, and safest method for reversing post pregnancy hair loss caused by dramatic hormonal changes and stress.

Making Mommies Brim With Confidence

Postpartum hair loss typically shows itself 3-6 months after giving birth. The excessive hair shedding can be caused by a myriad of things – but one of the biggest culprits of hair loss in women is the change in estrogen levels. Hairga keeps postpartum hair loss at bay, making mommies feel like themselves again.

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The Other Side of Motherhood:
Hair loss Isn’t the Only Postpartum Side Effect

It’s definitely not easy being a mom,
but Hairga is here to make moms happy!
On average, people shed 100 hairs every day, while moms shed over 400 strands of hair per day… That’s a lot!
Apart from shedding clumps of hair, moms also endure scalp issues such as chronic itching and dryness, which can get uncomfortable in the long run. We can put an end to that today!
Hairga Postpartum Hair Oil contains Rosemary oil and Linoleic acid. These two components complement each other nicely, resulting in a fantastic, soothing, and effective treatment for postpartum alopecia and dry scalp.
Hairga is designed for everyday use! Gently massage Hairga ino the scalp to prevent postpartum hair loss! Leave the oil on overnight and wash it off the next day for greater, faster results.

Tender Love & Care For Mommy’s Mane

Don't take our word for it…

See what these beautiful moms had to say about
Hairga’s Postpartum Hair Oil!

I am absolutely in love with this hair oil! I leave it on my scalp before going to sleep, and I put a hair cap on. I wake up feeling (and smelling great)! I’ve been using Hairga for a month but I can already see my hair growing back along my hairline!

Lace, 26, Mom of 1

My crown just fell apart after I had my kids… For the longest time I stopped feeling like myself. This oil just leaves my hair clean, thicker, and shiny all throughout. Good work. Love the mild scent

Aleck, 34, Mom of 2

I love how this oil makes my hair feel. I’ve been struggling with postpartum hair loss for what seems like FOREVER and Hairga’s done a great job in thickening my hair again.


What are people saying about
Hairga Postpartum Hair Oil?

Great results!
I am absolutely in love with this hair oil! I leave it on my scalp before going to sleep, and I put a hair cap on. I wake up feeling (and smelling great)! I’ve been using Hairga for a month but I can already see my hair growing back along my hairline!

Debby T., Mom of 1

Hairga-er for life!
My hair used to be voluminous and thick, but after I had my kids, I suffered from hair loss and have been dealing with it since then. Good thing a friend recommended Hairga to me. The product is slowly helping me with my hair loss problem, plus it makes my hair shiny and soft.

Susy B., Mom of 4

I love it!
I'm really in love with this product as it helps me deal with my postpartum hair loss.

Julie G

Really effective!
I started using Hairga last month, and I already see a good two to three-inch line of new hair growth. The famous "baby hairs" all moms rock along their hairline are growing much much faster.

Olivia P

It works!
My colleague recommended Hairga to me, and it has helped my hair grow faster and stronger. The packaging is also cute. I love it!

Nancy Lorraine S.

Making Mommies Brim With Confidence

Hairga is made from high quality ingredients that’s gentle enough for anyone to use – especially moms & moms-to-be!
Step 1: Apply 2 pumps and gently massage oil into the scalp
Step 2: Put on a hair cap to lock moisture in until it works its way into your hair cuticles
Step 3: Kick back, relax, and watch that mom confidence flourish!
Take note:
Hairga won’t work overnight – but with consistency comes beautiful results!

Attack postpartum hair loss, nurture scalp, flaunt irresistible shine and grow locks with formulas that focus on creating beautiful, healthy hair!