Here's How Gray Stop Makes a Difference

Up to 40% More Pigment

Clinically proven to boost melanin production.

Upto 90% Gray Revival

Success rate in bringing back natural color.

Antioxidant Shield

Protects hair from free radical damage.

Color-Safe & Gentle

Enhances vibrancy without stripping color.

Luxe Lather & Fragrance

Spa-like experience for every wash.

Believe What You See

Here's How Gray Stop Makes a Difference

Gray Stop incorporates GrayHalt™, a breakthrough formula that blends scientific 
and natural ingredients to bring the change customers have longed for



Vitamin B and its
Provitamin, Panthenol

Seaweed Extract



Olive Oil

Jojoba Oil


Stinging Nettle


The Science that Drives the Gray Stop Shampoo


5000 mcg Catalase and polypeptide stimulate repigmentation by targeting specific receptors and breaking down Hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles.


Special ingredients like seaweed extract work together in unison with others, penetrate the scalp, and allow the active ingredients like Catalase to reach the follicles.


Ginseng, Fo-ti, and other secret ingredients in the formula nourish the hair root, promoting healthy cell turnover and creating a fertile ground for thicker, stronger hair growth.


Vitamin B and its provitamin stimulate the production of new hair cells, while also attracting and holding onto moisture, leaving hair beautifully balanced and full of life.

Numbers Don’t Lie; Explore the Gray Stop Credentials

Gray Stop flaunts exciting results after being tested on a group of individuals.

Reported thicker and stronger hair, with reduced shedding
0 %
Noticed almost a 45% improvement as graying in the new hair decreased considerably
0 %
Witnessed healthier hair
0 %
Experienced a potential decrease in graying
0 %

What Makes Gray Stop Different?

Gray Stop incorporates GrayHalt™, a breakthrough formula that blends scientific 
and natural ingredients to bring the change customers have longed for


Gray Stop - Gray Reversal

Other Anti-Gray Shampoos

Melanin Boost

Around 40% Pigment Production

Often ineffective

Success Rate

Up to 90% Gray Reversal

Lower success


Strong Antioxidant Shield

Minimal protection


Color-Safe & Vibrancy Enhancing

Can strip color

User Experience

Luxurious Lather & Aroma

Basic wash experience

Catalase Enriched

5000 mcg for Repigmentation

Lack catalase

Deep Action

Seaweed for Scalp Penetration

Superficial effects

Hair Growth

Vitamin B for New Cells

Miss growth boost


Superior Hydration

Leave hair dry


Premium, Clean Composition

Contains harsh additives

Fuller, Shinier, Younger-Looking Hair; 
Month by Month

Wash with the Gray
Reversal Shampoo.

Nourish your scalp for potential natural color revival (consistent use required).

Boost with Anti-Gray Serum
(After Wash).

Target pigment production for faster improvement.

Complete Routine with Supplements.

Support natural pigment production
from within.

Pull the Stops on Grays


Gray Stop

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Gray Stop is gentle enough for color-treated hair and won’t strip away existing color. In fact, it can help enhance hair’s vibrancy.

For best results, use it regularly as part of your hair-washing routine. Use it daily or every other day depending on the hair type and needs.

While Gray Stop helps nourish hair, using conditioner after shampooing is still recommended for extra softness and manageability. 

Not Feeling Younger? Your Money's Safe.

Claim a 100% return, hassle-free if you aren’t satisfied with the results in 120 days

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